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If you’re like me, your calendar is always filling up with important dates. We make play dates for our children to play and grow their social skills, we make dinner dates with our significant others to unwind and connect, we make lunch dates with clients and colleagues to grow and advance our careers. Am I right?

Do you ever make a date for yourself?

Why not make a date for your health? It’s no secret that we all have the habit of putting others before ourselves. It’s human nature. We want the best for our families and those we love. In the process of caring for others, we lose ourselves. It’s time that we change the habit of putting others’ needs before our own.

I believe that when we put our health and fitness first, we can better serve those around us. By caring for ourselves, we are giving our best self to our loved ones. Isn’t it better to give the healthiest version of ourselves, rather than a run-down, tired, and unhappy version?
While filling in your calendar of “to dos,” why not make a date for your personal fitness? Why not make a goal to meet with someone who can relate to your busy life, and chat about your fitness and health goals, all while getting in a workout?
Hi, I’m Mary, certified personal trainer, health enthusiast, caffeine addict, extreme extrovert, and your next Sweat Date!


My goal is to empower others so that they may embrace their whole selves without reservation or hesitation. I believe that once someone accepts themselves from within, they then exude strength and beauty on their exterior.


All of my services can be structured in multiple ways. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

one-on-one personal training

partner training

two clients with similar goals training together

nutrition advice and guidance

total body transformations

personal training and nutrition guidance—the total package

online training and nutrition plans

downloadable plans

what my clients say

“Mary’s approach to fitness and nutrition is built on common sense and sustainability. If you are looking for a program that is easy to get excited about AND stick with — plus noticeable results, she is the right trainer for you!”
Sweat Date
"Noticeable Results"
Training with Mary is like training with your best friend who pushes you to muscle failure in between laughing fits. It’s a tough workout. She’s made me really sore but also really strong.
Sweat Date
"Like training with your best friend"

latest on the blog

As some of you may know, last weekend I competed in my first NPC bikini competition. I couldn’t be more pleased with my performance and the physique I brought to the stage. My goal for this first competition was to place in any category. I wanted to have a competitive physique. I was eligible for …
I am a huge advocate of the “women empowering women” movement. Since the beginning of my involvement in the fitness industry (dating back in 2012 in my first group exercise class). I’ve found nothing but amazing and supportive women encouraging other women to find their inner strength. Fit women pick each other up when they …
You will be exactly as happy as you choose to be. This is one of the many motto’s I live my life by. It’s one of the few ideas that my mother instilled in me that I actually follow. Granted, I used to roll my eyes as a teenager when she would wake me up and …
Recently, I’ve received some great advice from my “crush-it-crew” leader and mentor, Marissa Roy.  If you don’t already follow her, you should https://www.instagram.com/marissaroyfitness/. Marissa is an online diet and personal training coach and puts out great content. The advice she gave was, “just start.” We all have grand plans and dreams that seem damn near impossible …
Now that I have your attention… This is only 9 weeks difference! Yes, the lighting is different (pod lighting) and yes, posing is different (work in progress). But this is me. Raw, unfiltered. Not some insta-star who knows how to manipulate photos. I still can’t believe it. Real talk: my coach, the wonderful @panny_fit, sent me this comparison last …
Today is my baby boy’s birthday! Excuse me while I cry in the corner… I can’t believe my baby is 6 years old already! Since it’s his birthday, I’m catering to his every want on this special day. Which means, I would only make my boy’s favorite breakfast on this special day: Chocolate Chip Pancakes! Even …

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