protein pancake recipe

Protein Birthday Pancakes

Today is my baby boy’s birthday! Excuse me while I cry in the corner… I can’t believe my baby is 6 years old already! Since it’s his birthday, I’m catering to his every want on this special day. Which means, I would only make my boy’s favorite breakfast on this special day: Chocolate Chip Pancakes! …

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Protein Yogurt Recipe

Chocolate Greek Yogurt

I’m a no frills kind of girl. So if you’re coming to Food Friday looking for fancy, complicated, deconstructed, trendy recipes that involve 20 steps and 3 kitchen appliances to make a single serving, well you’ve come to the wrong place. Each week, Food Friday will have a different meal, food hack, or meal prep …

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Mug Cake Recipe

Protein Mug Cake

It’s the end of the day and you have lots of protein and carbs left to hit, but very little fat.  You’re not in the mood to down a cup of plain egg whites, you definitely have a sweet tooth, and who DOESN’T love cake?!? Protein Mug Cake to the rescue! Ingredients: 25g Core Nutritionals MRP in …

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