hump day

Happy Hump Day!

Now that I have your attention…

This is only 9 weeks difference! Yes, the lighting is different (pod lighting) and yes, posing is different (work in progress).

But this is me. Raw, unfiltered. Not some insta-star who knows how to manipulate photos. I still can’t believe it.

Real talk: my coach, the wonderful @panny_fit, sent me this comparison last Friday (the day I took the second photo). She sent it to me to show me how much progress I’ve made since January 1st (the first photo).

How did I get here? Hard work and plenty of food! The first photo was on 1500 calories, the second was 1750. My coach actually increased my calories during this prep!

We were able to do this because I’ve kept my metabolism healthy the last two years. For two years now I’ve been “dieting.” By dieting, I mean tracking my food and eating to fuel my body. I did not restrict food or stay away from carbs. In fact, for two years I stayed at “maintenance” macros (TDEE) or even higher. I listened to my body and followed progress pictures to make adjustments based on how I FELT.

Still, knowing what I know, I struggle to see the truth at times. It took my coach sending me this photo to realize that, yes, my body needed the extra calories to support muscle growth. Even knowing what I know, I asked her to cut my calories because I wanted the scale number to go down.

We’re all a work in progress, mentally. I preach it to my clients, but I still deal with self-doubt.

Take progress pictures, listen to your body, and eat to fuel your body, not to satisfy the scale!

Coach: @pf_dolls
Supps: @corenutritionals
Trainer: ME! @mothermarylifts