Protein Yogurt Recipe

Chocolate Greek Yogurt

I’m a no frills kind of girl. So if you’re coming to Food Friday looking for fancy, complicated, deconstructed, trendy recipes that involve 20 steps and 3 kitchen appliances to make a single serving, well you’ve come to the wrong place.

Each week, Food Friday will have a different meal, food hack, or meal prep idea or tip. You can be certain that many times I will have meals that involve extra protein by way of one of my favorite powder protein supplements.  This isn’t always the case…but it is this week. 😜 So on my second week of Food Friday, don’t be discouraged if you’re not into adding supplemental ingredients because I will have many Food Fridays without them.

Now onto the snack of the week: chocolate casein greek yogurt. I stumbled upon this combo when something very unusual happened to me a few weeks back. I actually had an extra meal left at bedtime! You guys, if you know me, you know this is nearly impossible for me to do.  I take my nutrition very seriously and plan my day around my 6 meals.  Yep, I eat 6 full meals per day and close to 2,300 calories in my “growth season.”

The day I had an extra meal, I got lucky. The meal that I missed earlier in the day (due to sleeping in) was greek yogurt and strawberries. My last meal of the day was chocolate casein protein powder mixed with water to make a pudding and combined with peanut butter to make a sweet bedtime snack. I didn’t really want to eat two separate meals, so I decided to marry the two into one.

Now, this combo is not a new one by any means, but it was new to me. The pudding consistency of the chocolate yogurt served as a great dip for my strawberries. As I ate it, I imagined serving the “dip” as an easy party dish. Also, between the high protein yogurt and the slow-digesting high protein from the casein, I went to bed with a full belly knowing that the protein would metabolize in my system throughout the night while I slept. Win-win!


1 cup 0% Fage Plain Greek Yogurt (whole fat yogurt is a great choice when you have the macros for it)

1 scoop Dymatize Casein in Rich Chocolate

4 ounces sliced strawberries

Optional Additions:

1 TBSP peanut butter, chocolate chips, sliced almonds

How to:

Mix yogurt and casein powder until blended. Add a small amount of water until you achieve your desired consistency. Add in any extra toppings and enjoy with a side of strawberries!