protein pancake recipe

Protein Birthday Pancakes

Today is my baby boy’s birthday! Excuse me while I cry in the corner… I can’t believe my baby is 6 years old already! Since it’s his birthday, I’m catering to his every want on this special day. Which means, I would only make my boy’s favorite breakfast on this special day: Chocolate Chip Pancakes!

Even though I love to spoil my kids, nutritious foods are still of upmost importance to me. These little ones are still growing, so I try to ensure that they get all the important nutrients they need, even in their favorite carb-heavy, favorite “naughty” foods.

This is why I love Kodiak Cakes and always have a box of the flapjack mix on hand. We’ve seen this ingredient before in my Food Friday mug cake edition. Well, today I implemented it in the simplest way, the way it’s intended to be used: pancakes!

The line-up of ingredients:

2 cups Kodiak Cake mix

2 cups Unsweetened Almond Milk

2 eggs

10-15 chocolate chips

(makes 3 pancakes as big as a 6 year old’s head)

That’s it! A childhood favorite, but loaded with protein. I combined the first three ingredients and poured the batter into my largest skillet. Once the first side started to brown, I added the chocolate chips. Super-amazing mom pro-tip: don’t add the chocolate chips too soon or they stick to the pan and create a nasty burn on your golden brown pancake. I wouldn’t know from experience, of course, I make perfectly crisp, golden brown flapjacks, every time!

Now, if I were having this deliciousness, I would add sliced banana, walnuts, and sugar-free syrup. My boy chose Nutella and sugar-free syrup.

Macro Breakdown for one pancake:

41g Carbs | 7g Fat | 23g Protein