women empowerment

Woman Empowerment

I am a huge advocate of the “women empowering women” movement. Since the beginning of my involvement in the fitness industry (dating back in 2012 in my first group exercise class). I’ve found nothing but amazing and supportive women encouraging other women to find their inner strength. Fit women pick each other up when they are down and applaud women on their triumphs and successes.

Stepping into the bodybuilding industry and the world of competing, I was sure to find some level of cattiness and sabotage from the competitors.  This couldn’t be any further from what I’ve found. Granted, I haven’t stepped on stage, yet. However, every time I turn around I find loving supportive females promoting other females. From social media, to other bikini competitors, clients, and women in the locker room, we all share one goal. That goal is to succeed at our passion.

Fifteen weeks ago I began my first competition prep. Not knowing a thing about how to get myself ready for the stage, I hired a coach. In walked a drop-dead gorgeous, intelligent, sassy-yet-classy kind of woman. My coach, Panny, is a self-made powerhouse! She moved to the U.S. alone at a very young age and has built a business around a sport she loves. A business that she not only started herself, but without anyone to show her the way.

My coach isn’t like many others. Instead of working one-on-one with all of her clients (which she does), she forms a team for her clients. Panny holds regular posing seminars where her girls get together to work. In the beginning, I was curious as to how this would all go down. You see, these girls are my competitors. Competitors wouldn’t be friendly, right? Wrong.

I have made some true friends on my team. We come from different backgrounds: military, teacher, mother, personal trainer; but we have one passion, one goal. Without these girls, prep would have looked very different for me. This lifestyle can be very selfish and lonely. Without others having the same goals, competitors get lost in themselves with the daily grind of meal prep, lifting, cardio, and trying to keep personal relationships afloat.

This week’s motivation Monday goes out to my sisters in competition. I’m grateful to have met you and I’m sad to think of my next prep without you…although I know they will always be there.