Online Coaching

online coaching

What's Included In Online Coaching?


I offer individual macro plans for my clients. A new client packet is provided explaining the ins and outs of macro and micronutrient counting, how I calculate your unique “macros,” sample grocery list, and more. Macros are adjusted on a weekly basis via email check-ins based on how the body responds.


Individual resistance and cardio plans written for the client that knows their way around the gym, but needs the support of a personal trainer to guide them through the particulars in order to achieve faster results. All plans are written with the individual in mind. Particulars that are considered include: gym and equipment accessibility, time, and fitness goals. I don’t give “cookie-cutter” plans.



Tough love is my approach. I believe in giving yourself grace, knowing that we can’t accomplish it all, all the time. However, growth comes when we are honest with the things we can and cannot control. It’s my goal to hold you to the promise you are making to yourself when starting your fitness journey.


I’m available via email during business hours M-F and will always return your emails within 24 hours. Weekly check-ins are an important part of our client/coach relationship and imperative for all online coaching packages.